Saturday, 21 April 2012

Another finish

Here is my cute little crayon roll.

I made it for my sister's friend's daughter who was also on the plane with nephew and would need some amusement. I had to use velcro across the top to keep it all together. Not very pretty but practical for plane journey.

I was just dying to use some of the cute embroidery stitches on my new(ish) machine. So I put this little detail on the handles.

Some ric rac for interest.

It was really easy to make and came together quite quickly.

The material is a Timeless Treasures print called Molly Circle Flower in Green. It is hard to see but I used covered the exterior in vinyl - just so that it can be wiped clean.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Finally Finshed - Quiet book

Warning: This post is massively picture heavy. 

Here is my nephew's second quiet book. That's right, I've struggled through 2 of these beasts before his 2nd birthday! I am the crazy auntie. Right at the outset, I will say that I found all of my inspiration on the net and especially from  imagineourlife blog. Her pages are way cool.

First of all the cover - it is very boring but was made at about midnight the night before I was to see him as he was jetting off on holidays. I really wanted him to use it on the plane.Captive audience you see. 

It was a real nightmare trying to sew through so many layers of material, so it is just about hanging together.

The funny face page - I think this one turned out really well. All the pieces are made of felt, backed with velcro. There is velcro round the edges to store them. I guess I should have taken a picture of the faces! but you get the idea.

The crocodile looks so dopey. In the picture I copied he looked so scary (for a toddler!) that I dumbed him down a bit. Now he just looks daft. I am really pleased with the background on this page. I used some material that I got in Spain last year which I made a skirt from. It is perfect to set the scene.

For the trousers, I had some wool material used to make suits that I had stashed away for another project - more about that later in the next few posts. I then used an old belt that I had and a little label cut from some clothing.

Nephew loves looking in my washing machine and pulling the clothes out for me and pressing all the buttons. 

So I gave him his own machine and clothes line. I was a bit disappointed at how this page turned out. I tried free motion sewing the tree trunks. Tension problems caused all the puckering. By the time I realised it was too late to fix.

Some details.

Here is the car page. thankfully this one was dead easy as the material makes the road. Yea!

I did the little car pocket and put in a eraser car. It was fussy cut from that gorgeous Monaluna for Birch fabrics.

Here is the flaps page which has velcro, a hook and bar, a popper, a button and loop and a magnetic snap. Lots of puzzles for little hands.

How cool is this...

Teabag and coffee beans

Milkshake with detachable strawberries.

Ans finally, balloons just made with felt with different shaped buttons.

I hope you find this post as helpful as I did other blogs. But be warned - quiet maybe but not quick!