Thursday, 28 June 2012

Excuse # 101

This is the reason that I haven't been posting all my wonderful progress lately. How can you take good photos in light like this? This was the view last night from my sewing room window.

Yes this is the summer here. It has been pretty much like this for the last month!

Another excuse is not having my camera at the minute so just iPhone snaps.

My sewing space went from bad to worse with all the WIPs going on.

But now hopefully there is light at the end if the tunnel. Here are some pics of the progress.

And a lovely one of organised WIP of the beginnings of 3 bags.

Saturday, 23 June 2012

The "fabulous" Bucket Bag

I completed my first project from the The Bag Making Bible by Lisa Lam which my sister bought me for my birthday.

It is the called the Reversible Bucket bag and the free pattern can be found here. I actually did not do the reversible part a changed some of the closure details - but hey that's why you make these things yourself, right?

Not only has this book got great ideas but also the instructions are really easy to follow. There is a chapter for each part of the bag - closures, handles, pockets etc and then a bag pattern in each. So a really good  mix if you like working from a project or if you want to design something yourself, or just to get tips for say putting a zip in something.

The bias binding handles on this bag are a little tricky but with a bit of patience it all came together. I think it looks as fabulous as it claims to be!

The material is a Timeless Treasures - Cardigan Girls panel sewn into Moda Just Wing It Twill Blossoms Aqua. The handles are made from some really old material I had stashed away from when I sewed as a teenager with my gran all those moons ago. Sis and I recognise it but cannot for the life of us think what it has been used for before.

Look at those really cute line drawings on the panel.

The bag itself, went straight to my big sis, of course, who seems to have an insatiable appetite for all that I make.