Monday, 27 May 2013

Jungle path

The blog may have been quiet for a while but the sewing machine definitely hasn't been. First to show you was a baby quilt done in double quick time (I always forget my deadlines until they are upon me).

I used the Jungle Path pattern by Jessica Kelly from ModaBakeShop.

It wasn't until I was finished that I realised that I hadn't actually followed the instructions correctly! Not that it matters. I still have a gorgeous quilt finish. I think it is one I am most pleased with in terms of technical ability.

All the practice done on different quilts seems to be coming together to give a really good finish. I used Elizabeth's technique of kind of robot quilting (much more suitable for a boy's quilt than standard meandering). I am proud of how this looks, as sometimes I think my quilting really spoils the quilt top because it is so bad. But with this I think I nailed it!

Not that there aren't' any oops bits...

 What nearly broke my heart though was the thread. I bought two 100m rolls thinking that would be plenty for a cot size quilt... where does it all go? With a deadline looming, I had to just work on and try and use some extra thread which was a bit greeny but hopefully the recipient won't mind.


I have had to remove my Goodnight Pooh Bear quilt from Etsy as it has also gone to a good home. But don't forget you can order one just like it in a pink/grey colourway, (or in a completely different pattern to it!) by contacting me.

Price £50.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Sew Mama Sew Giveaway away winner

Thanks to all of you who visited my blog and took the time to answer the questions. I enjoyed reading all of your comments and was sad to think that there could only be one winner. However, I think I've learned a few things common to all quilters:

We all want more fabric - even when we cannot have the time to possibly use it all!
We'd much prefer to visit a shop in person to touch and feel said fabric - only price and location prohibit us.
And most of us have long suffering partners who adorably not only put up with our crafting exploits but encourage and motivate us too. I know I am truly blessed in that sense.

So enough of these ponderings - on to the winner. As I said the number was going to be picked by my beloved who chose at random: # 7!!!

Congratulations Mimi Love, who said:

I rarely ever buy for a specific project, I buy what catches my eye and worry later whether or not I have anything to coordinate with it :)

Thanks again to all who entered - I hope you won somewhere. I never do!!!

Monday, 6 May 2013

Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day

If you've arrived here from Sew Mama Sew's blog - hello, welcome, please take a look around. But straight on to the giveaway, which you are definitely here for!

Regular readers (are there any??) will know that I was trying to organise a local (UK) scrap swap. I got some lovely scraps from some very nice people :-) In fact they were so nice they did not take anything in return.

As you can see each pack contains mostly small scraps. Some as big as 10" by 15" but none as large as a FQ.  It weighs roughly 200g (that's 7oz for our American cousins)

So I still have some of my bundles left over from then and now I am giving you a chance of winning them by just answering one simple question of your choice:

1. Where is your favourite place to buy fabric? (It can be a bricks and mortar shop near you or an online shop, or even the proverbial man in a pub!)

2. Do you buy for a specific project or are you a hoarder like me?

3. How often does your spouse/partner help you with your crafty endeavours? (Guess who suggested this question?!) Like a human quilt hanger for photos, going to the store, impartial advisor or is he just the money?!!

Answer whichever question you like in a comment below and I will get the subject of no. 3 to pick a random number to choose the winner on 10 May.

For more information on the scrap packs see my previous post here.

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