Saturday, 18 August 2012

My Stockholm Souvenirs

We took a short break last week and obviously I wanted to scout out the fabric trends from our European neighbours. Sadly when I surfed I couldn't find any concrete addresses to fulfill my birdie Scandinavian style stash needs.

But on the free tour of the city (which was excellent) we all traipsed past Ohlssons, a local fabric store. I made a note to nip back at some stage - luckily a big Addidas store was right opposite which kept OtherHalf occupied.

That was good but what happened next, even better. We strolled round the corner after I had picked up some goodies and stumbled into Panduro Hobby shop. Wow. There was whole wall of fabric in there and 70% off! Yeah!

Stockholm is an expensive place (and with a self imposed fabric buying freeze)  I was fully prepared to limit my fabric buying to a small souvenir piece of something typically Scandinavian. I didn't really see much in that style but the locally stocked fabrics (Holland Art) and the 70% sale meant that actually the fabric was some of the cheapest I had bought. Surprises all round then.

I also saw some gorgeous Windham fabric which I really wanted to get but was £17.90 a meter! I knew I would be able to get it at home cheaper so I held off only to find out it was an old one and no longer available. So if anyone is able to point me to the right place for Timber by Jessica Levitt I would love to get my hands on some of it.

And for anyone who doesn't think this haul wasn't restrained, compare with what I brought home in June from Spain. Eeeek! Too much, maybe?