Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Winter woolies

What is cheekily known as "Goods out" in our house has been fairly busy of late.

Firstly another commissioned scarf which I decided to do infinity style. It looks better than the pictures. It is really hard to photograph a scarf well. 

I have just checked -  I haven't even shown the first one - ok here it is. 

I'm not sure what this fabric is. More like sweatshirt weight but softer. It has come out really weird in these photos but it is a gorgeous unusual colour. So much so that I bought myself more of it to make a Hot Patterns dress - more on that later. Anyway it was half price so a bargain!

The first was for a friend who asked me to do one as a birthday present. The grey one she wants to keep herself! I used really soft jersey material for the actual scarf rather than cottons. It is always really challenging when making for someone else - they usually think of something different that you have never actually made before but because you can sew, well anything should be possible.

Some nice labels to finish.


Saturday, 10 November 2012

Tick tick tick...

...Ticker taping. Love it!

I love the way you don't have to think too hard straight lines only.

I love the way the needle wobbles before your eyes. (especially the faster you go!)

I love the fact that you are quilting as you go.

I love the fact you can use up every bit of precious fabric.

I love the way you can make something pretty out of seemingly very little.

I love the result.

Did I tell you already that my husband once scooped up a bunch if these scraps and said "do you want me to throw these out for you?" Aaah no - they're the best part!

Result: 2 quilts for doll bunk beds

Saturday, 3 November 2012

The week that was

A few weeks ago I had a full week off with no plans but that of my own devising. Bliss! The weather was beautiful all week but one day. So how much sewing do you think I got done?

Yep never enough. Although a sewing related project took over so I was happy enough.

Since getting another room decorated in our house I was able to move some furniture around to leave more space in my sewing room. So I treated myself in IKEA to a new cutting table. So first I had to paint it and build it. That took up most of Monday!

All tidy with scraps sorted my size and colour in these little drawers and bigger pieces in the cupboard in shoeboxes.

This is now what my husband refers to as "Goods In".

The room all completed and tidy for about the next 5 minutes! I should be much more productive now.

Obviously no week off is complete without a trip to the fabric shop. This is my stash that I got from the local sewing shop to make myself some clothes. More to follow on that soon. It makes a pretty stack I think.

I just can't wait to get started on that lot, but have a few gifts and orders to finish first. Why does the project list never go down no matter how much you tick off?!