Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Winter woolies

What is cheekily known as "Goods out" in our house has been fairly busy of late.

Firstly another commissioned scarf which I decided to do infinity style. It looks better than the pictures. It is really hard to photograph a scarf well. 

I have just checked -  I haven't even shown the first one - ok here it is. 

I'm not sure what this fabric is. More like sweatshirt weight but softer. It has come out really weird in these photos but it is a gorgeous unusual colour. So much so that I bought myself more of it to make a Hot Patterns dress - more on that later. Anyway it was half price so a bargain!

The first was for a friend who asked me to do one as a birthday present. The grey one she wants to keep herself! I used really soft jersey material for the actual scarf rather than cottons. It is always really challenging when making for someone else - they usually think of something different that you have never actually made before but because you can sew, well anything should be possible.

Some nice labels to finish.


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