Tuesday, 1 January 2013

The big reveal

Now that all the wrapping has ripped open, I can reveal everything I have been working on over the past few weeks in time for Christmas presents.

First up is the much talked about, the one you have all been waiting for: Mr Humpty Dumpty!

Thanks to ikatbag for providing the pattern. He is so cute.

His legs and arms are on poppers so he comes apart just like in the story. Unfortunately I think I traumatised my nephew the first time I showed him this. However within minutes he was being thrown about the room to inflict more damage! I love his big smile and his sticking plaster.

For my sister-in-law, I made up another Buttercup bag and added a matching purse which would just fit an iphone to stop scratches against keys.

I used a thick black material for the exterior of the bag with a pink pin stripe thread running right through it. I think the results are really good. It is perfect for an evening bag and the weight worked well.

The last present is more of a traditional style of patchwork but it suited the receiver of the gift and that is the important thing. It is placemats for a kitchen table with a little runner for the middle.

I finished them by doing a meander all over with a gold thread.

They turned out pretty nice.

So that was my handmade Christmas. Hope you enjoyed yours.

I have a few other finishes to show but have not got a pic yet. And although you wouldn't know it by the quality of the pictures, I got a new camera which I am grappling with understanding. Hopefully more posts soon.

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