Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Some more sewing related goodies

Just wanted to show off my sewing related pressies from Christmas - and there are a lot of them! I think the family has got the memo - Amazon wish lists are great new invention.

It will take me quite some time to read through this lot, never mind actually quilting through them!

This is a really boring present but quite a practical one. There was no extension table made for my machine when I bought it but it has come out recently.

Sadly it was really expensive - let's be honest it is just a piece of white plastic. My machine is a bit funny that way in that it mostly has accessories that fit it and only it. Makes it a real pain to buy bobbins. It will be a real help though when doing some free motion quilting. Maybe I will even improve!

Tune in next time for things I made for others and meanwhile here is a bundle for a Christmas table runner that I didn't even get started but I may just do now and store for next year.