Saturday, 3 January 2015

2014 in mosaic

How did you do with your list this year? As you can see mine has plenty of ticks.

A good part of the year was making Bee Blocks which was on my list to join a couple, so definitely a big tick there. For those of you who don't know, modern sewing bees are now organised online and can be for charity or just a bit of fun. There are blocks for both here. Also there are some for the traditional meet up bee where you physically go and sew together in a group.

Here are all my quilts that I finished this year. When I realised there were only 7 ( no. 1 and 6 are just the front and back of the same quilt) I was surprised, I thought I had made a lot more than that!


Of course, there are 2 others, one at binding stage and one top which will be my first finishes of 2015.

The other two big time eaters were 2 craft sales that I held, in the summer and just before Christmas. 

Summer Craft Fair

blogged about here

Christmas Craft Sale

Another event I held this year was my first craft class. It was a lot of fun but needs some refinement before I would attempt another one. 

The craft sales led then to some custom orders. I love and loathe these in equal measures! It's great that other people appreciate and like your work. Also you are making for someone in mind and not just 10 bags that might or might not sell. However they can put you under a lot of pressure (although most of it is mine and not the customers!) Some requests are also so unusual or specific that they can really stretch you or your supplies. 

1. Purple cushions, 2. Pot holders, 3. Cushions to match Harlequinn rug, 4. Kids Hudl covers, 5. Coffee pot cosy, 6. Table mat

And finally, all the other stuff that I made, mostly gifts and some I actually kept!

1. Tweed Baby Trousers, 2. Baby booties, 3. P1010458, 4. Christmas trees modern table runner, 5. Receipt wallet, 6. P1010626, 7. Voucher wallet, 8. Voucher/Receipt wallet

It's nice to have a new clean page for 2015.

It won't stay that way for long!