Friday, 16 March 2012

Finish it up Friday

I can now give you the big reveal.

 This is from my WIP teaser from last Friday here 

I used my machine to do the writing on of the numbers on the chart. I thought it would be neater.

Here are the three windows of the rocket.

The astronaut was a bit of trial and error. He was originally going to be a  monster with just his eyes on stalks showing at the window. But it didn't really look like anything. Then I put a helmet on him but it was too round and looked like a lampshade.  

I eventually added the NASA badge, body and curly wire. I am so proud I created this from my own design.  

These two are from pictures.

So a rocket height chart for a rocket nephew.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

One final Christmas present!

Yes I am aware that it is March, but I have only got the pictures of the finished product in position.

It is of course the book sling from Megan at Penny Carnival's free tutorial found here. I made it as a surprise present for my nephew who is a big book fan. I don't think any of my family was actually too overwhelmed by it as they couldn't really visualise what it was for. Now that it is up they think it is a great idea. It really matches the colour of my nephew's new playroom too.

Let me just say though, that those double curtain rings must be a USA oddity because it was hard to find them here. I had to buy them online and the shipping was more than the actual product.

And finally, an action shot. Just the right height Auntie Ash.

Friday, 2 March 2012