Saturday, 19 January 2013

Scrappy goodness

Here are my scrap packs that I am hoping to do a swap with another modern quilter in the UK. My fabrics are from all over the place, some bought here and others from the Continent. Here's a chance to pick up some unusual fabrics (and get rid of some fabrics you are fed up looking at - isn't it funny how some fabric no matter how much you use it seems to never end and with others there is never enough!)

Scraps really do pile up but it can be boring having lots the same. There are loads of projects that use up all those scraps. The latest one is scrappy trip around the world on quiltville.

As you can see each pack contains mostly small scraps. Some as big as 10" by 15" but none as large as a FQ. This is all I am looking for too. I will take a mix of anything down to about 5" square or 2.5" strips. Happy to take any colours but really looking for colour on colour for my Oh Fransson Toyko Subway map quilt as opposed to busy prints (as you can see I have enough of those already!). 

These piles weigh about 200 grams and can be posted for just £1.10 (incl p&p 2nd class) so it really is a good way to extend your fabric range for the smallest amount of outlay.

I also have these bags of really small scraps that could be used for card making, covering buttons or ticker taping, that I would be willing to swap for say 1 FQ or a couple of smaller scraps.

Hope to hear from some of you soon. Just comment on this post or email me.

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