Wednesday, 30 November 2011

First quilt sold

I haven't written in ages because I needed to use the time to actually sew. I worked hard all last week to get my friend's quilt finished (started here) and here it is in all its colourful glory.

The design is based on one that was blogged about at Film in the Fridge. My next quilt for my nephew (for Christmas - yikes - I haven't even started yet!) also comes from an idea from Ashley's site. That girl is an inspiration.

 All boxed up and ready to go.
 I tried a loopy quilting on this one as it was so big that I was not confident to do a free motion stipple design. It is by no means perfect but it gives the quilt a random look and is probably a lot neater than my stippling would have been.

I am so proud because this is the first quilt where money has actually exchanged hands. And my friend was really pleased that she now has her new quilt for winter.

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