Monday, 9 January 2012

A few 2011 finishes - "toot toot" first

 I have been meaning to get my friend's new baby quilt finished for ages. All I needed to do was the binding.

Sounds simple. But could i find one which I thought set it off appropriately. I tried every one of the materials in the quilt but they just killed it. White wasn't too bad but not very practical for a baby quilt.

 Finally I picked this red and white polka dot. It is perfect. What doesn't polka dot match really?

A shot of the back with those really cute cars. Toot toot.

And a close up of the quilting (this is my first attempt at stippling a whole quilt. Also done with polyester wadding which I don't think I would use again.)

 If you like the pattern, it is a free one called Thea's Puzzle Quilt by Amy Butler, modified to suit.

All rolled up and ready to go to its new home.


  1. Great choice for binding, the quilt looks wonderful!

  2. Hi there - welcome to quilting bloggers. Love the colours of the quilt - especially the green with the red border.