Thursday, 2 January 2014

My busy December

My friend at work wanted a present for her godson and so I said I could do a ball for him. She then decided that it would need a bell inside.

So I made this cute ball and threw in a dummy chain too as I had ordered the clips to make some for my own nephew.

Obviously the ball is completely hand-sewn which is a nice change of pace usually but not when there are more presents to make. Especially when you get carried away..

Just look at those doll clothes - adorable. And so satisfying, you could start and finish within an hour and have like a whole dress done! Addictive. I just kept making more and more items. It was great as well to use up some scraps from real dress making or old clothes.

After some fitting issues (ahem see facebook for more on that) Tiny Tears finally got fitted out with a pair of jeans. Skinny just wasn't your style. To complete the look I made a little drawstring bag to store them all in.

Other last minute presents included the aforementioned dummy chains...

And finally a mini skirt for my sister in law...

Since she only came over for the holidays on the Friday this needed to be fitted and finished the weekend before Christmas. I am so proud I matched up that centre seam!

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